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  • Chinese traditional solar terms-Light snow


    Now every family will choose the floor heating decoration, but there are many drawbacks to pay attention to when decorating the floor heating, because we do not understand these problems, so it will be the floor heating abnormal phenomenon, then the floor heating decoration matters, what are the ...

  • Difference between nickel-plated and non-nickel-plated pipe fittings


    Why is brass plated with nickel?   Friends who have done renovations or bought PPR water pipes will find that there are brass and silver pipes on the market . In this article, we will talk about the difference between these two pipe fittings.   First of all, we need to know what elements br...

  • Types of brass fittings commonly used


    Brass Pipe fitting is a general term for the parts that connect, control, change direction, divide, seal and support in the pipeline system. Pipe fittings include a wide range, common flange, loose joint, pipe hoop, sleeve, throat hoop, tee and so on. What are the main uses of these fittings? How...