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Company Profile

Jian 505 Metal Products Co., Ltd.  is a dedicated manufacturer of brass machining parts, hot forging parts, brass pipings & fittings, valves and other aluminum machining parts. We are Manufacturer & Exporter of precision brass fittings for pipelines. Our vision is to produce high production in effective costing and good customer service and innovation. We manufacture any kind of brass components exactly as per original piece to satisfy our customers. We also offer OEM production and processing services. In large quantities to meet the needs of production orders.

 We have been adhering to the customer first, good faith service, quality-oriented, excellence in the business philosophy. Whether you are looking to a new business partner, 505 Metal is sure and pleasure to provide what meets your requirements. 505 Metal products are guaranteed to provide high quality and stable performance that our customers demand.We are proud of comprehensive engineering experience in the brass fittings field.

Active production. Innovative and individual. OEM service for customized products and one-stop manufacturing services. We make the drawing as per your needs and only start production with your approval. So tell us your needs, rest assured that the work to us on the bar.

On time delivery. We keep precise and reliable delivery promises. Since time is money, the permanent readiness to deliver was already stipulated as company principle when the company was founded. Overnight-express deliveries makes shipments just in time at the right location.

Why Choose Us?

Flexible order quantity. Each user is our valuable treasure. We cherish all in this world.

30 years of brass industry experience assures precise and high-quality fittings. Your production processes can rely on us.

Boundless service for unlimited coverage

We are pleased to fulfil requirements all over the world. Ask 505 for appropriate materials suitable for you. We deliver quickly and directly anyway – and of course with all transport documents and the required customs documentation.