Valves used in plumbing system.


Ball valves are commonly used for piping system. It assists in controlling the flow of water within the building.There are different types of plumbing valves used but the most common one is the ball valve.
What Is A Ball Valve?
Ball valves consist of a spherical obturator with a cylindrical hole, usually of the same diameter as the pipe, although it can be smaller. Ball valves are manufactured in one-piece, top entry, two-piece and three-piece bodies. It rotates a ball with a bore to control the flow of liquids, gases, and vapors in a pipe system.

Types of Ball Valve
* Full Port Ball Valve,


These are ball valves with full ports that cost more than other types.

* Standard Port Ball Valve
This type of valve has a smaller port and ball than the full port ball valve. Due to the pipe size, it is less expensive but has a little reduced flow.
* V-Port Ball Valve
* Multi-Port Ball Valve


Ball valves with many ports often have three or four ways and a central hole with an L to T form.
* 3-Way Ball Valve


Due to its variety in arrangement, this type of ball valve is particularly effective for managing gas and fluid flow.
Brass Exhaust Valve
Normally working pressure is 200 PSI with full bore and corrosion-resistant.
Size from 1/2” to 2”
Butterfly valve
This valve can be used in water and waste water treatment,chemical processing,food and beverage,swimming pool and water parks and so on.
There is also fire fighting valve etc.
Ball valves play a important role in controlling the flow of fluids in the buildings. If you are looking for the best plumbing valves and brass fittings,you can count on 505 Metal.Kindly please Feel free to contact us for more information via mail .

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